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INITIAL CONSULTATION: Identification of lifestyle, goals, preferences and challenges to assess and recommend wardrobe, accessory and image enhancement. Color Analysis, Style Profile Evaluation and Wardrobe Flattering Techniques are included.

COLOR ANALYSIS: Review of hair, eye color and skin tone to identify ideal colors that harmonize
and accentuate client’s best palette.

STYLE PROFILE EVALUATION: Subjective assessment of character traits, behavioral and
emotional tendencies to select a style which best matches client’s visible presentation.

WARDROBE FLATTERING TECHNIQUES: Wardrobe techniques that balance, accentuate, and camouflage body proportion.

WARDROBE PLANNING & CLOSET ORGANIZATION: The process of evaluating personal wardrobe style, factoring lifestyle needs and identifying voids and opportunities in the client’s closet.
This initial plan helps provide the prep for shopping needs.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: Shopping with client to meet clothing, accessory or giftable needs.
Shopping can include special occasion, dating, travel, wedding, media appearance and seasonal gifts.

CONCIERGE SERVICES: Gifts, Repair, Consignment and or Wardrobe disposition services.

CORPORATE SEMINARS: Presentations regarding Brand Alignment with emphasis on professional presence, power etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communication.

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